Did you know?

For a child to reach their full educational achievement a high level of school attendance is essential.

At King’s Academy Rowner we want every child to have every opportunity to achieve to their full potential; we stress the importance of excellent attendance and punctuality at all times, and have very high expectations for excellent attendance and punctuality.

Promoting Good Attendance

The Pastoral Hub team work alongside Tutors and the Year Offices to support pupils achieve excellent attendance, and consistently monitor pupils’ attendance and punctuality. If attendance falls below the expected levels, colleagues with an expertise in ‘attendance support’ work with the young person and their family.

A range of strategies are deployed to support improvements in attendance and include:

  • In school support
  • Home visits
  • In school attendance panel
  • Legal interventions (as outlined in Hampshire County Council’s code of conduct.)

If you need support or advice with attendance, please contact your child’s Teacher or The Pastoral Hub.

Attendance Documents