To help with family budgeting, over the academic year, we have tried to identify voluntary contribution costs that the school will ask of parents/carers. We have compiled this list in response to parent/carer feedback. We aim to provide reasonable notice for off site-visits for which the school will ask for voluntary contributions and inform you accordingly. Occasionally, due to last minute opportunities that are presented to us, this may not always be possible. Under these circumstances, we will communicate with you to ascertain if you are willing to support such endeavours. Please be advised that, if we do not receive sufficient voluntary contributions to cover costs, the visit will not go ahead.

We aim to give a year’s notice for residential visits due to the high costs associated with them. With thanks to Team Rowner for the significant goodwill given to make these possible.
Nb The anticipated costings below are subject to change and we cannot guarantee that the costings below are 100% accurate. In order to enhance the learning experiences we offer your children, we may add visits to the list during the year. Financial support from parents/carers is of vital importance so that such opportunities can be provided. Coach travel is VERY expensive. We will use the school minibus where possible. We are grateful for your support. 

Costings for 2023/2024

Year 3

  • Church visit – no charge
  • Butser Ancient Farm – £22.50 – Autumn Term
  • Year 3 Sleepover – £2.00 – Summer Term
  • PCSO visit – no charge
  • Artist visit – no charge
  • Beach trip – no charge
  • Food technology visit (at KGA Brune Park) – no charge
  • Indian Dance Workshop – no charge

Year 4

  • Hindu Temple activity – no charge
  • Fishbourne Roman Palace Trip – approximately £17.10 – Autumn Term
  • Greek Day – no charge – Spring Term

Year 5

  • Portsmouth Historic Dockyard – £15.00 – Autumn Term
  • Spinnaker Tower – £36.00 – Summer Term
  • Beach visit – no charge – Summer Term

Year 6

  • Church Visit – no charge – Autumn Term
  • Activities Week (Fort Purbrook, Festival, Hunger Games Day) – £63.86 – Summer Term

Please note, for any payments, if it is difficult to pay in full , please talk to us so that we can sort a payment card staggering payments for a time that works with your budgeting.