We love STEM and were delighted that Year 5 attended a BAE systems STEM workshop this week. The learning focussed on sustainability. We learned about and discussed what climate change is and how greenhouse gases are affecting our Earth. The children also had the opportunity to predict how long we thought it would take for ice to melt and some seeds to grow. We discussed laws and rules and created some class rules about how we should protect the planet. The visitors from BAE systems told us about how they keep safe in their jobs and even brought in some of their protective clothing for us to try on! We were all impressed by how hard the steel-toe boots were. We then made a poster in groups to show what we had learned throughout the day. Overall, it was a fun workshop that was inspiring and made us think about the little changes we can make to be more environmentally friendly. And, illuminated some possible future career options. Thank you BAE.

23rd November 2023