Year 3 have excitedly tucked into their new book this week. The Creakers by Tom Fletcher (from the band McFly and currently on Strictly Come Dancing) is a stonkingly good novel. The storyline is full of twists and great ideas. Tom Fletcher’s bestselling story is packed with amazing illustrations by the disgustingly talented Shane Devries. It’s the perfect spooky (and slightly gross) tale.

Lucy’s friends are thrilled there are no more grown-ups. They’re running wild! They’re building roads of trampolines, and eating cereal for every meal.

We love reading at Rowner. You may like to ask your child about the book. What do they think of Lucy? What is her character like? Is she a likeable character or not?

If you want to get really stuck in you can purchase the book in hardcopy or as an audible book online.

15th October 2021