Online safety takes many forms in today’s world. From knowing how to safely use the internet; using chat functions appropriately; setting the correct parental guidance restrictions on apps; to researching and taking notice of age restrictions of apps, games and films. Pupils at Rowner have online safety sessions each term as part of the curriculum and talk about e-safety regularly. These messages are most powerful when supported by parents and carers too. Such dialogue is useful when ensuring age appropriate restrictions are in place. This month, we focus on Netflix. Netflix is great for viewing an array programmes, films and documentaries. However, it is an app which is easy to overlook. We have been made aware of a trending series that is age rated 16 (due to violence) that we suspect some of our children are watching and discussing in school. For more information on how to set up parental guidance on Netflix to keep your child/ren safer online, please follow the link below.

14th October 2021