Year 5 has enjoyed watching the magical process of metamorphosis, in the classroom, over the past few weeks. When the caterpillars first arrived they were tiny and steadily grew to over 10 times their original size! After this, they climbed to the top of the cup. Once there, they hung from the paper disk in a “j” shape under the lid. They shed their exoskeletons one last time (five times in total!) before they pupated (became chrysalides). We transferred them over to the butterfly habitat after this. A few days passed before the amazing painted lady butterflies hatched from their chrysalides. The children looked after them for a few days, fed them fruit and sugar water and observed them. Last week we released some of them near our beautiful bee-friendly garden and some in Camp COJOs. We waved them off and hope to see them around our school grounds!

9th July 2024