Year 5 had a wonderful time staying at the Spinnaker Tower on Tuesday night. They travelled over on the ferry and spent the evening on view deck 1 and in the Sky Garden (at the top of the tower). The children participated in activities including a local landmark hunt, sketching the magnificent views and parachute games. After this, they enjoyed a hot chocolate and a cookie before their bedtime story. We were impressed with how well the children represented our school and with how many children faced their fear of heights. Well done Year 5! 

Here are some of the children’s best bits of the trip:

  • Dylan-Lee – going on the glass floor and finding out I’m not scared of heights. Also, the sketching that we did.
  • David- when I woke up and I saw the view
  • Kyra- my favourite bits were when we were in the Sky Garden and we all started singing Livin’ on a Prayer and also finding out that I wasn’t scared up there. 
  • Obi- my favourite bit was the cookie and when I was standing on the glass then I got on one knee and I felt like Spiderman
  • Albert – seeing the view and boats going by
  • Jensen – being able to sleep up there and the landmark hunt
  • Eleanor – seeing the sun set and rise and being able to sleep with our friends
  • Tori – spending time with my friends as well as hot chocolate and cookies
  • Darcie – drawing the landscape and waking up to my friends
26th June 2024