On Tuesday, LEGO Coding Club from Rowner Junior and Gomer Junior travelled to Portsmouth Dockyards for the showcase event. Unfortunately, the event had been cancelled and we were not informed by the organisers. However, the manager of Boathouse 4, Steve, was extremely accommodating and set up an area for us to showcase our hard work. After the teams had set up their builds, Mr Connor guarded the LEGO builds and explained to members of the public (who were very impressed) what the builds were for and who had done them. Steve gave us all a tour around the boathouse – he even took us out onto the dock to see the boats in the water. He was very knowledgeable and had some interesting facts about the boats! After the tour, it was our turn to impress Steve, and he took time to view and listen to each team’s models. He was very impressed to learn about the teamwork, perseverance and coding skills that each and every member of coding club displayed. After building some medals, and a photograph with Steve, we left full of enthusiasm and inspiration – the children even said that they thought it was great that we had so much attention just on us to show off our hard work.  With thanks to Mrs Thurston (from Gomer) for organising us all.

22nd June 2023