This week, to mark ‘Children’s mental health week 2023’, Team Rowner have been focussing on how to improve our mental and physical health. Across the week, all year groups have taken part in some personal development learning, COJOs lessons and wellbeing lessons, focussing on how to improve our happiness. On Wednesday, Year 3 had an exciting adventure into the local community, where they took part in a nature walk. They considered what it means to be ‘mindful’ and how taking some time to appreciate our surroundings can help us to feel calmer and happier. The children listened carefully to what they could see, hear and feel during their walk, before heading back to school and spending some time appreciating our school grounds. Yesterday, the whole school took part in ‘Healthy Hearts Day’ – a fundraising event for the British Heart Foundation. The children came to school in heart or red themed fancy dress and embarked on a day of learning about physical and mental health. We were delighted to see so many parents/carers for the array of activities.

10th February 2023