At this point in time we feel that there is a real possibility that GFM schools, like many others, will be affected by the planned strike action on Wednesday 1 February 2023. 

There is a strong likelihood that we need to consider partial or full closure on this day and so you may wish to prepare for that and start to make alternative arrangements for Wednesday.

We are not in a position to fully gauge the impact of any planned strike action ahead of time because staff do not have to declare their intention to withdraw their labour until the day itself.  This means that we will need to complete a dynamic risk assessment on the morning of the strike.

In order to assess the impact of the strike action and communicate our capacity to open the school,  we will have a later start on Wednesday morning. School will commence at 10.00am.  

Please note Breakfast Club is not available on this day. Peripatetic instrumental lessons are also not available on this day. 

We will let you know by 8.30am, via email, which year groups and/or classes we will be able to accommodate. 

If we do have to close the school to particular year groups and/or classes, for those learners in receipt of Free School Meals, a voucher will be emailed to our families to account for lunch on that day. 

We recognise the potential disruption to you and your child’s education and if school is closed to your child we will make suggestions about what learning they could do online when we communicate a firm decision by 8.30am on Wednesday 1 February 2023.

Kind regards

The GFM Schools Executive Team

Geoff Walls (Director of Schooling)

Nigel Matthias (Executive Headteacher)

Ryan Peet (Executive Headteacher)

Georgina Mulhall (Executive Headteacher – Headteacher Gomer & Rowner Juniors)

Kerry Payne (Executive Headteacher – Headteacher Brune Park)

Christopher Willis (Executive Headteacher- Headteacher Bay House)

30th January 2023