Year 3 had a very exciting start to their first week back. On arrival to school, they were greeted with their very own passport and boarding ticket for an aeroplane – but their destination was unknown… Once the children had made it through security, taken off  and endured a very turbulent journey, they made it! As they made their way into the arrivals lounge, they were greeted with a variety of clues to find out where it was we had flown to. Year 3 acted as detectives to use their problem solving skills and inference skills to decipher the clues before sharing our ideas with the rest of the group. Eventually the children discovered that they had flown to Egypt!  During the remainder of the exciting visit they found out lots of knowledge about the new topic, finding out where in the world Egypt is located, the differences and similarities to the UK and what tourist attractions are available.

6th January 2023