We love reading at Rowner. Year 6 are really enjoying their new book – Tales of Terror From the Blackship. The book is
not for the faint-hearted because it is a novel packed with chills, thrills, nail-biting suspense and heart-stopping revelations.

‘A father, driven to madness by the death of his wife and by his fondness for drink, watches over his two children – an older boy named Ethan, and a younger girl named Cathy. One evening, a great storm seizes The Old Inn, and both Ethan and Cathy are struck down with a terrible illness.’

You may like to ask your child about the book. What do they think of Etan? What is her character like? Is he a likeable character or not?

If you want to get really stuck in you can purchase the book in hardcopy or as an audible book online.

23rd September 2022