As the digital age is ever-changing and progressing, it is incredibly important that our pupils know how to keep themselves safe, happy and respectful online. Today, Year 3 and Year 4 took part in a national online Internet Safety Assembly, led by Be Internet Legends (run by Google), to refresh and remind them about how to have a safe online presence. The interactive assembly was very engaging.

It is important to make sure that we ‘think before we share’. Before posting anything, comments, reactions or photographs, we should stop and consider a couple of points. Firstly, is it kind? Would we say it to someone’s face? How might the reaction or comment be perceived by the other person? Do we have permission to post the photo?

Not everything we find on the internet is real, so it is important to stay internet aware and check if things are real before believing them. Phishing is a really common way for scammers to get your details, so always check if something seems too good to be true. It is also good practice to check website addresses and see if they are secure before entering the sites.

9th June 2022