Over the past few weeks (okay months) Y6 have put in a lot of effort into the preparation for their SATs – these are next week. However, Year 6 have also shown the school their other talents in sport, art, music, drama and humanities. The children have also demonstrated considerable team work, collaboration, resilience, determination, independence and so much more. They should feel really proud of themselves.

Team Rowner look forward to welcoming Year 6 to a ‘breakfast gathering’ from 8.10am, in their classrooms, on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning of next week. The breakfast gathering is optional and will be a social time ahead of the day.  

Talking to some of the children, we  thought it was important for them to remember this:

SATs Do Not See Your Uniqueness

SATs don’t measure sports

SATs don’t measure art

SATs don’t measure music

Or the kindness in your heart.

SATs don’t see your beauty

SATs don’t know your worth

SATs don’t see the reasons

You were put on this earth.

SATs don’t see your magic

How you make others smile

SATs don’t time how quickly

You can run a mile.

SATS don’t hear your laughter

Or see you’ve come this far

SATs are just a tiny glimpse

Of who you really are.

So sitting at your table

With a pencil and your test

Remember SATs aren’t who you are

Remember you’re the best!

Please enjoy your weekend – however you choose to spend it. Please remember that we simply want you to focus next week and try your best. You are ready. Monday will come – please try not to worry about it over the weekend. Please take some time to rest and relax. 

You know what to expect from next week and Team Rowner will all be here for the children. Go Rowner!

7th May 2022