It is Valentines day today so we will be thinking this week about everything we love about Rowner Junior School. Today, we hear from year 6. As part of their RE learning about community, Year 6 made posters to celebrate our school community. They designed the backgrounds on computers and then used different coloured inks to represent the children and adults of our school. 

“We chose finger prints to represent us because we are all bright and colourful in our own ways. I feel proud to be part of the RJS community because everyone is so kind and triumphant.” Phoebe, Year 6. 

“We chose to make fingerprint art for our school, because we are all different and unique.” Lily-Joy, Year 6

“It feels amazing to be part of the RJS community because I feel safe and always know I have someone to talk to.” Tilly, Year 6.

14th February 2022