Sadly, the expansion of internet-enabled technology has seen people bullied online. Victims can now be harassed through their phone, laptop, console or tablet at any time of day … or night. The positive flip side of this, however, is that it’s equally easy online to reach people with messages of encouragement and support – whether they’re particularly in need or you simply want to spread some feel-good vibes.

Showing kindness online can mean so much to someone else. It is a choice we can all make that helps others, put people’s needs before our own and which can generate feelings of empathy and compassion. Small gestures can have a large impact and often one act of kindness can lead to more, making the world a happier and more positive place. The National Online Safety team have created a to suggest a few simple ‘acts of kindness online’ that can benefit people’s mental health, support their wellbeing and encourage a more positive approach to engaging online.

In the guide, you’ll find tips such as offering to help others, share positive posts and thinking before you comment.


17th November 2021