To enrich their project learning, Year 4 had the exciting opportunity to visit Roman Fishbourne Palace on Friday of last week. When the year group arrived, they watched an introductory film about the palace’s history which shared how the archaeologists made their discoveries. The children enjoyed taking part in a Roman workshop with an English heritage expert that included lots of enriching activities. The children were able to practice writing their names on wax tablets before using ink on papyrus, spun wool, problem solved puzzles using Roman numerals and spent time in a replica Roman kitchen. Year 4 also saw the 2000 year old preserved mosaics – amazing. The children learnt about their meanings before exploring the gardens and learnt about the upkeep of the palace’s grounds. Lastly, we visited the Roman museum where learnt about different Roman artefacts. The children had an awesome day of learning and it has regally enhanced their understanding of how the Romans have influenced some of how we live today.


19th October 2021